Thursday, April 24, 2014

Help Your Kids and Teens Preserve a Healthy Smile!

We may do a great job as parents educating our kids about oral health, but in reality, as they grow older they don’t consider their oral health as a priority. This is why in our family dentistry, we recommend and promote the use of dental sealants. These liquid coatings that are bonded to the chewing surface of your kid’s teeth are a perfect solution to help them preserve their oral health for a few more years.

Dental sealants provide extra protection on permanent teeth to prevent tooth decay. Small fissured areas where the toothbrush can’t reach can be a threat to develop plaque and cavities later on. Sealants create a smooth surface over this area so no plaque can enter the fissures. Dental sealants can also be placed on other teeth, not just the chewing surface if the dentist notices they may have grooves or pits. They can also be used in adults at risk of developing caries but are more usual in kids.

This procedure is not painful at all. As a matter of fact, it is very simple; the dentist will first clean the surface of your teeth, then it will be watered, and dried. A special acidic solution is placed and washed away and after the tooth is dried again the liquid sealant is placed on the tooth and hardened with a light until it looks like a plastic coating.

Dental sealants are very traditional and we have the latest advances in family dentistry to provide you with the solution each of your loved ones may need.

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